This is a Club for anyone who has the First Legendary Weapon released The Lost Sword of El Patron. It was created by Bill Plunderbones and Founded by Stpehen and Kat Bluebonnet.


The Founders of the Club



  • Creator: Bill Plunderbones-Looted at General Darkhart
  • Founder: Stpehen-Looted while sailing
  • Founder: Kat Bluebonnet- Bonerattler and a Tormenta guy.
  • Richard Goldvane - General Darkhart
  • Basil Bridgebain - Tomas Blanco
  • Sam Ironskull - General Darkhart
  • Bill Plunderbones Tew - looted at Dark Hart - abassa
  • Cherie - looted while sailing
  • The Light - looted Abassa Dark Hart
  • Johnny - Looted at General Dark Hart
  • CaptainEzekiel - Looted at General Dark Hart - Abassa - War scattergun.
  • Jack Darkhawk - Got mine from the code elpatron from Eerie Chill Spreads Across the carribean 2013
  • Richard Cannonwalker - Looted at Isla Tormenta while mastering cutlass sometime in 2011


All you have to join is Have or Get Lost Sword of El Patron. Also add above where you got yours and add a picture of you getting it or using it below




El patrons lost sword Lost Sword Looters is a member of Lost Sword Looters

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El patrons lost sword This player is a member of Lost Sword Looters El patrons lost sword

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