Legend of the Weapon

Long ago, when Mary I ruled England, she decided that Protestans may not live. She ordered the Blacksmith Percius Icarus York of Blackpool to build a sword made of gold, she would use the sword as a symbol of Catholisicms gold! Her first victim Charles Clements VI a Scotish Tailor, who openly opposed Queen Mary. She used the gold of Catholiscim (the blade) to cut down Protestants. She eventually gave up the Cutlass, when she became sickley to her husband King Phillip II of the Spanish Empire, and the great great grandfather of the notorious Phillipe V Clemente. He eventually lead a secret crusade through Scotland, they slayed every man, women, and child who opposed Queen Mary I. He killed over 10,000 people with the cutlass alone. Devistation was everywhere. A Protestan Gypsy who was killed by Phillip II cursed Phillip Clemente II, and his cutlass. The sword now swung with Black behind it, the sword was stronger, but the longer you use it, you grow weaker and suffer greatly, and die. History lied about Phillip II death, he died from turning all black, his immune system shut down, and his heart stopped in 1598. The sword could not be destroyed, so it was taken 40 miles off the coast of England, he threw it into the Abyss never to be seen again, consumed by the gloom...

Before The Curse


The Cursed Version (the black near the hilt is dark energy)


One day in 1710 a kid was playing on the beach, and a golden gleaming object was on the shoreline. The kid went up too the blade, he took it and the Sword consumed his soul, and made the kid the swords master/slave. The sword gave natuarl Ability to the kid, so he joined the British Army, the sword could not leave his side or it would completly swallow his soul. It is believed either A, the sword killed him, or B hes in hiding and he is dying, or C. he is somewhere in the french alps in the first stages of the curse.

POTCO Abilities

Thrust Boost - Does 14,000 Damage (it is a supernatural sword, yes it can do that)

Pain Immunity - Infinite

Dark Curse - Infinite

Wound Healing - Rank 7

Bloodfire - Max

Silver Freeze - Max

Shock Sweep - Rank 7

Critical Strike - Every strike is a critical strike. Every strike can kill a lvl 50 in 1 hit.

A couple pictures


closest thing to POTCO look, but it has a golden blade

220px-Philip II

Notable owner of the Cutlass (phillip II)

220px-Maria Tudor1

Original Owner - Mary Tudor

Type of Cutlass


POTCO Descripition - This sword was found many years ago, now you weild the infinite power, but don't use it all the time, its supernatural and has a mind of its own.

Attack - 800 

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