Lord William Brawlmartin Story part 2

For all Those who liked my first story, Im going to make the next one, and the Next one will be longer, will have more excitement, and more charcters from real life into the story!

To Give you a Hint Listen to this.

thumb|374px|right|Trailer soundtrack for Part 2

The new story shall be Released in maybe.. a few days from now but dont expect it to be tomorrow, On this next story it will be the next Big story on the wiki!


  • I am Planning to put in men From the Royal Navy into This story.
  • I am Also Planning to put some Players from Pirates of the Caribbean Online into this one.
  • The new story shall Be More Exciting and seat raising then the Last One.

News Secrets: The New Story Will have the Kraken in it!

The release Date Shall be Printed Shortly please leave in the Comments below if you have suggestions to be added in the story like new ships and stuff The Story Will be released soon but till then

Fair Winds and a following Sea!thumb|378px|right|See You all soon!

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