Josef Furnace is the one and only Minecraft character of Slappy. A man of many stories and a past like no other, he has endured trial after trial, serving and commanding many different factions, the most notable being the once great Templars.


"Josef Furnace, you are the greatest apprentice I have yet to train. Because of you, our people will never die. You must go to the lands of Olexia - there is something powerful looming there. Not a holocron or treasure of any kind - but the people. You will restore our eternal legacy there. You must become the Grand Master."


His mission has been made clear. Under the guidance of a mysterious Sith Lord, Furnace would make his first appearance in Minecraft in the mysterious land of Olexia. The immense island nation was dominated politically and economically by the town of RockAndDirt, led in a joint operation by Rocket and Dirtman.

Furnace arrived in Olexia by boat one late night. Docking in the icy shores of far New Elgin, he immediately made his way to this massive town. There, wrapped in a dark cloak with only his piercing red eyes showing, he arranged for a bed, meal, and fire in the local inn at the center of the town. He would stay there several nights, regularly interrupting the sleeping schedules of other residents with his nightly "experiments."

Eventually, Furnace would begin his northern pilgrimage to Angmar, a mass of frozen mountains and dark abominations. At the peak of Angmar was Mycelia - named for its Mycelium deposits - he would make his home on the highest summit of Mount Doom. He would remain high up in the mountains for many weeks, continuing his horrid experiments which seemed to intensify nightly.

Furnace would make a reappearance in RockAndDirt some time later, this time appearing as an ambitious extrovert with a scientific mind. He had raised the funds to construct the first headquarters of Aperture Science in the east end of the town, eventually becoming the Aperture District. There, he founded Aperture with his trusted business partner, simply known as Skull.

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