Lophiano is a medium Sized Country outside the Caribbean. It is main Lophain Island and base of the Order of Lophiiformes. The Country's Landscape is mostly deep ocean with swamps.



A major port area where outsiders are admitted into the Country with a bought passport.

NPC - Lophian Guards

Lophian Pathway

A large river connected to a major swamp.

NPC - Townsperson

Enemies: All Flytrap kinds, All Alligators.

Swamp Passage

A very large and confusing Swamp Leading to the Town.

NPC - Daring Hunter

Enemies: Lophian Thug

Lophian Mountains

A set of Connected mountains that lead to a villiage. To get to the settlements, you must travel by bridges across the mountains.

NPC - Traveler

Enemies: Cannibal

Lophian Village

A settled Town. You can barely see the Lophian City from here.

NPC - Townsperson, Wanderer

Enemies: Gunslinger, Lophian Thug, Boaster

Dark Path

A dark, mysterious pathway. You see a light at the end.

There is no one here.

Lophian City

Ah, the big city. You can see the Lophian Capital from here.

NPC - Townsperson

Enemies: Boaster, Gunslinger, Lophain Thug

Mysterious Swamp Path

A long, narrow Swamp Passage that leads to the Lophain Capital.

NPC - None

Enemies: Phantom

Lophiiforme Beach

You should stay away from the Soldiers. They don't want to be disturbed. You can see the Lopian Capital Building getting closer.

NPC - None

Enemies: Lophiiforme Soldier

Lophiiforme Fort

A heavily armed Fortress protecting the Capital Building of Lophiiformes.

NPC - Member of Lophiiformes

Enemies: Lophiiforme Soldier, Lophiiforme Commander

Order of Lophiiformes

The Capital Building of Lophiiformes. The Members of the Order are here.

NPC - Member of the Order

Enemies: None

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