These trusted and very loyal soldiers can be found assisting the four Sons of the Lophian Family and guarding the Atlantis Labyrinth.

Lophian Soldier

Level: 20 - 25

Uses Cutlass, all skills and combos except Bladestorm and Flourish.

Wears Steel Cabaset helmet, Barbossa Coat, Embellished vest, Valentine's Shirt, Bright green pants, and a black belt.

Lophian Sergeant

Level: 30-35

Uses Sabre, all skills and combos.

Rough Bricorne hat, Barbossa Coat, Embellished vest, St. Patrick's Shirt, Bright green pants, Red Belt.

Lophian Commander

Level: 40-45

Uses Sabre, all skills and combos.

Valentine's hat, Lucky Long Coat, Blue Embellished vest, Halloween shirt, Bright blue pants, Yellow belt.

Lophian Warlord

Level: 50-55

Uses Broadsword, all skills and combos.

Navy Chapeau, Fleet Long Coat, Frilly Tank, Bright blue pants, Green belt.


These are the very sons of the Angler Lord. One is a real player.

Uses any weapon for the situation

Golden Cabaset, Black Sequin Jacket,, Silver Sequin Longsleeve, Gold sequin belt, Black and silver stripe Pants, Slippery Dress Shoes.

Other Clothes: Silver Sequin Glove, Silver Sequin Socks.

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