On Antik Port Royal a meeting with the first and only regiment of 30 people were meeting for a battle.They Used the SvS glitch to fight.The regiment consisted of 2 grenadiers.20 infantrymen men.2 officers.1 commander.5 expert musket men.They were planning the line battle by thinking of getting a guild to surround them but it would be too hard.

The Enemy regiment has 30 men also but 1 grenadier and 28 musket men with one commander.


Walking into Rat's Nest the French were in sight.The London Royal Navy were prepared.Commander Jack Cannon Ball screamed PRESENT...FIRE.About a bunch of bullets shot at the French and 2 French fell down.Jack also ordered grenadiers to throw grenadiers they got no nobody killed.The French fired their volley and shot 1 London Royal Navy Men down and so on.Soon it was 20 vs 20.They fixed bayonets and charged.Jack quickly drew out a bayonet and started a fight with the French commander.Jack won because The French Commander had a weaker gun.5 vs 10 soon.Jack's men started to retreat but Jack said stay and fight like men.When they fought they took 9 French men down.Only Jack and a French musket man were left.Jack drew his pistol while the musket man was charging at him and Jack shot the man down in less than 3 shots.

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