LS&B are three of the henchman of Slappy. They were in charge of the new Slappy army.

Song: Hail to Mr. Slappy

First we brought the master back, to take this town away from Jack (Swordmenace)! We knew he'd fight to set things right, so we got bad guys to attack! Hail to Mr. Slappy, Jack will never win! When you find our booby traps, they will do you in! Hail to Mr. Slappy, This is so much fun! We make mischief day and night our work is never done! Hail to Mr Slappy, we will crush the pirates! Keep them guessing all the time, never let them rest! And Mr. Mister Slappy man, can take the whole town over then! He'll be so pleased i do declare, the whole world should beware! Now that Slappy is the king, we get away with everything! You cannot scowld us for our fun, the new king Slappy, lets give thanks! Stop! I've had enough of you! Your punishment is overdue, when this world is back to normal, do you really want the shame? I've told you once i told you twice to straighten out your act. You'll never get away with this, and THAT you brats is fact!


Here, i have a second part that comes after fact:

Trusting you is a good mistake! Someone no one would want to make! This might be funny to you, but its true! I could cut you down to your toes!

That's actually good, but it makes me seem like a complete tight wad XD

~ Jack Swordmenace, King of the 5th Brethren Court

How's this?

(About the time after they say lets give thanks) I've had enough of this disgrace! So take me to the hidden place! Where your leader sits on a throne! OR YOU WILL FACE MY RAGE! (Then LSB yell WHEEE!)

Eh the first one was better, but change "blame" to "shame" and it makes alot more sense

~ Jack Swordmenace, you know the rest....

Done. I'll put this on its own back on ... November 11? If you want any details or edits let me know.

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