LithCo: The World's #1 Source for Quality Dirt and Dirt Accessories

LithCo (based on SipsCo) is a multi-billion emerald company owned and managed by Declan Disney (AKA Lithium.) Based in a large Mesa deed, LithCo's main export is high quality dirt products saught after in all of Minecraftia. LithCo also offers the world's greatest selection of cocaine and cocaine accessories.

The company's HQ is located right in the middle of a large continent known as Prometheus


1 Dirt Block - 2 Emeralds

1 Grass Block - 5 Emeralds

1 Podzol Block - 3 Emeralds

1 Mycelium Block - 10 Emeralds

1 Coarse Dirt Block - 5 Emeralds

1 Stained Clay Block - 5 Emeralds

1 Stained Clay Block (dyed) - 7 Emeralds


LithCo is based mainly in the upcoming Realm, Prometheus, and offers many services at reduced price due to the fact that its inhabitants share a home continent. Buyers outside of Black Mesa will pay the typical emerald price.

In Prometheus, players can trade their precious diamonds and other resources in exchange for contractor work, the second largest LithCo service.

The criteria is:

Small Build - 25 Diamonds

Medium Build - 50 Diamonds

Large Build - 75 Diamonds

Ultimate Build - 100 Diamonds

Alternate prices can be negotiated.

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