the Leviathan Blade- made form its essesnce

The Leviathan Blade was a sword made by Daggerpaine Industries after researching The Great Leviathan. It was created by taking the original darkness of the leviathan before it was cleansed by The Light. most believe that since this weapon was made from the leviathan's essence its the only thing on earth that can possibly kill or severly hurt the behemoth of destruction.

Created by : Bounty Hunter Bill under Leviathan protection by Bill Plunderbones.


the mighty leviathan the blade was made from a part

abilities: if used a s a weapon on the POTCO game it would have

  • Attack - 102
  • Ghost form - rank 2
  • Brawl Boost - rank 3
  • Venom Strike - rank 2
  • Snare immunity - rank 2

status : IN STORAGE FACILITY ON CUBA , Now that Light Being is gone Leviathan is reverting back to his former self, only this can calm him

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