Le Fantomes, a guild of mystery, power, and friendship was founded by Griffin Crimsonblade (User: Griffincrimsonblade1) on February 28, 2010. The Guild was fairly large, and consisted of only two officers out of its many users, Chainhawk and Rosa, Griffin's two closest friends. Griffin had many veterans in the guild, which made it grow even more in power. However, in mid-2010, Griffin dissolved the guild because of the lack of players coming online. Almost all of the players that still came online chose to stay with Griffin to his next guild, Storm Legions (led by Meghann Stormkidd). Le Fantomes is gone for now, but will it ever return?

Note: When Griffin gets to level 50, he plans to ressurect Le Fantomes and make one of his former officers guildmaster of it so he can stay with the three savvys guilds, Savvys Academy, Spartans Savvy Jrs., and Savvys Elite.

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