Early Life and Childhood

Laura Logan
1803608-458px x23 earth 11052 medium(Laura Logan in X-Men Evolution)

Laura Logan

Name(s) Laura Howlett

X(treme) 23 X-23

Billed height 6 ft
Billed weight 240 lb (110 kg)[3]
Born June 23, 1738
Resides Port Royal
from France
Trained by Captain Jim Logan

Kayla Silverfox Logan

Laura Logan would be born in Paris France on June 23, 1738(which gave her the nickname 23) She would spend most of her childhood taking care of her mother, who fell ill to a deadly disease around age 3. When she was 4 she would meet her father Captain Jim Logan for the first time. She would quickly bond to him and on that day, her mother had died from the disease. She would spend the rest of her childhood liviing with her brothers and sisters in Port Royal and her half-mother Kayla Silverfox

Later Life, Piracy, The Brethren Courts and onward

After she moved out of Port Royal, she would follow her fathers footsteps and take up piracy. Then she and the Kliq would become the pirate Lords and kitty would be elected Queen. After this she would lead the Brethren Court in helping the Colony of America fight the British in the American Revolution. After the war had ended she would move back into Paris France until the start of the French Revoultion, there the Logan Children would move into sepreate countries.


Its rumored Laura would die in 1864 in the American Civil War.

Other Apperances

Laura is scheduled to appear in the sequeal to The Logan Family Saga


Laura was actually suppose to be the only daughter of Jim Logan other than Kitty Logan during the first draft of The Logan Family Story

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