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La Fortelaza de Pirates de Espaňa is the Spanish pirate fort and home of all Spanish Pirates. It was built in 1578 by Eduardo Singolla le Pirata. About 200 years later, it was found by Captain John Fatbeard. There have been some French Privateers that were allies with Spain that have joined this group of pirates. One of the home guilds is the United Pirate Army( French and Spanish). Every 100 years the Tribunale de Piratas will appear. The next meeting will be on 2011.4.3

Le Fortelaza is built on the Spanish island on the Sabona server.

Past Owner(s)-Eduardo Singolla, Seňor le Miere, Capt. Carlos de Avarcia

Present Owner(s)- Pirate King Jack Swordmenace and Pirate Lord Captain John Fatbeard


War Fleet Manager: Garicia de Aavarcia

Guild:United Pirate Army

Flagships:Golden Maelstron(war frigate), Lightning Wolf, Golden Maelstrom(war sloop)

More Info

I will not be very easy to enter the fort. The fort is heavily guarded during the night by the United Pirate Army

~Pirate Lord Captain John Fatbeard

Los Tribunales de Piratas:

Destinated Memebers:

Captain John Fatbeard

Captain Jack Swordmenace

Captain JIm Logan

Seňor le Mierre(lost)

Eduardo Singolla( ghost)

Francis Bluehawk

Garcia de la Avarcia

Duchess of Anemois

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