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The Spanish Royal Family is the most powerful family on Earth, in control of The entire Spanish Empire. At the head of this family is none other than King Philip V Clemente of Spain and France. The Royal Family is spread throughout The World with a member or more stationed in most regions of The Spanish Empire.


The Spanish Royal Family was created in 1623 when Alfonso Clement Petalbee united The House of Castile and began "The Reconquista". Since then, it has grown dramatically and as of 1745, there are roughly 50 people with ties to The Spanish Royal Family. Members (As of March 1746)

Major members of The Spanish Royal Family

  • King Philip V Clemente of Spain
  • Queen Isabella V Clemente of Spain
  • Duke Jason Brawlmartin of Russia
  • Empress Hannah Bluefeather of Austria, Princess of Spain and France
  • Cardinal Johnny Goldtimbers
  • Prince Ben Squidskull of Spain, Naples, and Sicily
  • Princess Jade Stormfury of Spain and Naples. Ruler of Sparta and South America
  • Princess Stardust of France
  • Duke Samuel Cresteel of Nueva Espana
  • Queen Grace Redskull of Portugal

(Note, deceased members are not listed.)

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