Krocylea is the capital city-state of Hades. It features a fascist government, rather than a democratic one as seen in all other city-states within the country. It is ruled by Vincent Aion. The city was at it's the highest point of power following the Spartan Conflict, in which Krocylea is considered to be a defining factor in the later years, as the Overseers used it as a base before heading out to Sparta.

Following the war, Vincent convinced the city's people to rise against the democratic government, as he felt the only people getting elected were ones "lining the rich's pockets in Athens." and that, the politicians had no care for the common folk. After a short revolution, Vincent was placed in power over his opponent, Rein, who was exiled into the Wildlands.

By 1884, a plague had hit the city, infecting many of its citizens. The infliction resembled that of a common cold at first but found that once dead, the corpses reanimate similar to the undead in the Wildlands. Vincent had many of the sick transported to the burrows, and slums of the city to let them die with the poor, and hired the The Reapers to help quell the slowly rising citizens of the city.

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