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Eric Holler

Born : January 14, 1651

Died : April 12, 1714

Founded Kingshead : June 21, 1682

Early life

Holler was born in the central part of England and was aboard the Ship that discovered Port Royal. Holler stayed on the Island for about a year until Jaque Woods Had kicked him out for nearly killing a dock worker. He went back to England where he told about Port Royal. He then became an EITC Soldier. He and about 8 other ships were sent to find Port Royal. While most ships were lucky, Holler's was not. He passed Port Royal, without notice and continued on for a long voyage. Holler did not even begin to think that it was a longer voyage, they ship they used was faster and was a lot more safer to be on then the Ship they used earlier. It was Mid-Late June of 1682 when they spotted an Island up ahead. They quickly sailed in the direction. The 75 sailors aboard were able to survive the rest of summer on the island. This island looked as if it were a hill with different paths to a top point. Holler send 15 sailors to find the nearest island and tell people they found land. Luckily the ship came back with more passengers. Later that August over 10 ships came with builders, soldier and other EITC men. They named the island Kingshead in July 1682. All the animals were killed & eaten.

The Following Years

In 1712 Holler got extremely sick and was never allowed to go on a ship. He was stuck in Kingshead for the rest of his life. He settled there for about 30 years. Then in 1714 he died of a strong sickness. Kingshead eventually became a big spot for EITC and Navy soldiers. As for the first passengers aboard the ship, none live today.

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