Hello, and welcome to the Kingshead Colonist page. The Kingshead Colonist are compettitors in the United Football League pf the Caribbean. Their stadium is called the Executioners Metrodome. The location of their stadium is the Marching Grounds on Kingshead. They are Sponsered by the EITC.Colors are dark blue and grey.


Quarterback: Caddius Bane 7

Widereciver:Jasonblade 13


Edgar Wildrat

NFLE Claymores

The Executioners Metrodome

The Exectioners Metrodome is the stadium of the Kingshead Colonist. It is equipped with stands and at half time people dressed as EITC and Navy will do a march. During football season Kingshead is rented by the Colonist. The front of the building will have two ticket inspectors and a banner saying "Kingshead Colonist!" at the top.

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