Jura Flag

The current revolution of the Monarchy for Switzerland is undergoing with the Leader, Benjamin I


Jura is the only current canton to rejoin the union. The Federal Republic claims to induce freedom, but instead, has been terrorizing the people of Switzerland.


The Canton of Bern has been successfully captured on May, 28th, 1746. Matthew O'Malley refused to fight, thus, he was forced to give up Bern in turn.

Current Actions

As of recently, a battle was held in Jura for the Canton. Within the battle, a decision was found The Union was able to overtake the Republic, making a new bound country marching through Switzerland.

Current Leaders

As Leaders are being decided, some of the former leaders, such as

-Blake Stewart (Benjamin I)

-Nigel Crossbones

-Tyler Crossbones

-Joseph Coalsmythe

have all stepped up in agreeance to reform and to take down the tyrannous leaders of the enemies of Switzerland.

Enemy Leaders

-Matthew O'Malley

-The Blue Knight

-Jack Daggerstealer

These leaders are extremely dangerous.

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