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Kingdom of Spain is a guild on TLOPO founded by Ferdinand Clemente and Zeke Williams as a result of overthrowing Spanish Prime Minister Leonardo's Spanish Syndicate. It currently has 495 members and maxes almost everyday. It's current GM and co-founder is Ferdinand Clemente (Cadet). It averages approximately 25-30 members online at a time, without adjusting for glitched members.

Guild Leaders

Guild leaders are King Ferdinand Clemente VI, Prince Ezequiel Clemente, Lord Admiral Lawrence Sargento, and Lord Marshal Danny Ortez


Guild Officials

  • Guildmaster - Ferdinand Clemente
  • Co-Guildmaster - Zeke Williams
  • Co-Guildmaster - Lawrence Ironhawk
  • Co-Guildmaster - Vintage Danny
  • Officer - Amelia Goldskull
  • Officer - David Stormspark
  • Officer - Rosa Badbones
  • Officer - Lorelei O'Hara
  • Officer - Elizabeth Ironhound
  • Officer - Simon Darkcastle
  • Officer - Talon

Guilds Rules

-Respect EVERYONE.

-Don't be rude.

-Try to make it to guild events.

-Do not harass members 

-If a member does harass you, please come to one of the cabinet members and this will be handled.

-Do not insult other members/nations within the Country Roleplay Community.

-Anyone found associating themselves with Philip/Pearson Wright and his followers will be removed

Guild Events

  • SvS Events occur every week
  • Roleplaying Events will occur about twice a month
  • Guild lines will sometimes be made into events but most of the time will be done at random
  • PvP Events have not been planned as of yet
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