Ghidrah 3.1

our newest edition to the TSOL

King Ghidorah is the newest monster/weapon of The Society of Light and Daggerpaine Industries and Empire of Japan.


A creature of Pure Power from an alternate dimension and time period where he is known as the King of Terror, Bill Plunderbones using the DI Dimensionalizer and Creature Controlling Gem journeyed into this dimension and brought this creature to this age, Only He can control for it has been Purified by The Light and has become Great Leviathan;s Partner.


light ghidorah


He Lives with his fellow monsters on Ogasawara in The Empire of Japan ready to be called to defend from invaders of Darknesse forces.


Destruction of Switzerland - With a declaration of war on Sweden for unknown reasons, Japan decided to show them not to mess with their allies, King Ghidorah was sent to burn down the capital of Bern. raining ribbons of golden lighting upon the city nothing was left standing, anything left was then blown away by the monster's hurricane force winds from its leathery bat wings. After taking the Chocolate Factories the beast returned to destroy the remaining cities. Zurich was treated the same as Bern was. Afterwards, The harbors were demolished and the Swiss Alps leveled. Switzerland now looked like it was no longer lived in.


None yet


  • Flight at Mach 3
  • height - 140 meters
  • wingspan - 175 meters
  • mass - 70,000 tons
  • powers and abilities - Gravity Beams from mouths, hurricane force winds from wings, can shoot 6 bolts of purple lighting from wing tips, can open portals at will, constricting necks
  • weakness - none

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firing his gravity beams


King Ghidorah attacks Japan

King Ghidorah attacks Japan

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