Keelairno [Ke el- ae err-no] Killers

We are not roleplay, we just uber-report and get someone banned. It can be an EITC lord requesting a death, or a jumper who wants a rival silenced. We dont go "snipe" someone out, and we aren't restricted to roleplay activities and/or practices.

Killairno Killers is a group of assassins who can, and will get the job done, no matter who you want dead, where you want them dead and when you want them dead. We do not require payment, we prefer, but are not restricted to reputation and referal to our business.

Contract of the Keelairno-

I. Once the deal is made, the deal is made. If cancelling our agreement be your interest, another soul must take the original target's place.

II. The Keelairno are not binded by the obligations of war. You may want an enemy dead, but said enemy may also want you dead as well, and he just might have a better offer for us.

III. We may choose whether to decline or accept your target as our own.

IV. If you somehow recieve death prior to completion of contract, the bond is broken and the contract becomes void.

Creed of the Keelairno-

I. Ye must be willing to die yourself when delivering it.

II. Your duties and goals are now void, your sole duty is to the Keelairno and our goals have became your only goals.

III. Ye will become more powerful when you stop working for power, and start working for the Keelairno.

If ye be willing to abide by this creed and no other, you may join us.

Keelairno's Assasins- Direct Control

Grandmaster: Nicholas Nikolai

Deputus: Jack Pistol/Signora Miss de Firense (Miss Telltale, Professor Nadanski, whatever you know her by)



Control over said duty, and only said duty-

Task Master:


Those who may indeed be "superior" to some, but do not have authority over anyone-

Veteran Initiate:



The Keelairno is accepting applicants who are willing to follow and abide by our creed and practices. If you wish to join us, please ask in the comments.

The Killairno hitlist is currently full.

We be busy killin and are too busy to take more targets on either due to our numbers or who the target[s] are.

Pearson Wright Genocide, Tyranny, Mass Murder, Warcrimes
Jason Blademorgan Murder, Torture
Mama Luigi Beware, his vile child Yoshi is always near....
Pain iz Cupcake Has eaten many people.
  1. Jason Blademorgan
  2. Mama Luigi
  3. Pearson Wright
  4. ALL noobs!
  5. Garrett Treasurefury
  6. Nate Treasurecaptian
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