As some of you know, the day of June 15th is the Telltale holiday of Sakradai, celebrating the Centerday of the Calander, but it is also the day we will say goodbye. The Triclans of the Telltales, Nikolais and Ancient Firenses have came to the general consensus to transfer to a different game on that date after the Celebrations. Yesterday Miss convened with the spirits and the transference rituals were completed. Sadly Jack Pistol, the Firense Shogunate was not present for the ritual. This is the Last message and over-all the last form of any communication I will have with my peers besides the Sakradai Celebration, and that is blood-brethren only. Miss and myself bid you all good times and thanks for all you have done for us, for our enemies we say goodbye, as well to our friends and the brethren who will not be joining the Transference. Good bye all, Buena Fortuna. Administrators, if this should be a blog, please do not delete until enough people have read it.

Blood Brethren only, NO foreigners will be allowed.

If you wish to say your final goodbyes, talk to us AFTER the Sakradai celebrations.

Thank you.

-Nikolais Nikolai

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