Jumper is a Informational Page

Jumper: Someone who is good at pvp. These users base their pirate lift on mainly pvp, svs, and looting.


  • Normally only have these weapons mastered or a high level: Sword, Dagger, Grenade, possibly Fishing
  • Dress Type:
  • No coat
  • Long vest
  • Shirt
  • Baggy pants
  • Sash belt
  • Bright or black clothing is favored by jumpers
  • These users jump while at a pvp, making them harder to defeat.
  • Before an update, they also used "fs" or fast switch which is the ability to switch weapons while an ability is in use. For example: You are using blade storm. You can still do the damage of Bladestorm, but you can switch to dagger before blade storm is completed.
  • Most of the time, jumpers add "x" to the end of their name. For Example: Jeweler X, Destroyer X, Joey X, Jumper X, etc.
  • Jumpers most of the time go into a main guild. Some jumper guilds include: "The Hero", " Purp N Yellow" and "The Rising Phenonmeno" which was deleted.And a REALLY OLD jumper guild called "Final Few" but got deleted.
  • They Usually max Bladestorm and Viper's Nest and ALL the sword combos they hate broadsword
  • Before a update jumpers used a siege glitch meaning that when they throw siege then switch to a sword their siege becomes stronger, it was mostly use in PvP Glitch, there is still another siege glitch but less effective.
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