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Ethnic group: African

Hair color: Brown.

Eye color: Brown
Jumbo bob

Height: 8'9

Born: June 8, 1712

Titles: WWE Champion, Worlds strongest man (1731)

Alias: Jumbo

Bounty: 3,000 gold

Ships: Scarlet dragon

Jumbo Bob is part of Sharkkidd's Sea Log.

Jumbo Bobs story

We arrived at Tortuga to divide the loot. When we arrive Hobo sees a poster for The Feats of Strength Competition. Hobo says we should go watch. The next day we go to the games. All of a sudden an explosion appears in the middle of the field. Ships port near the docks and men row to shore. It was Casa de Muertos I draw my sword but fall over the whole ground shook. Then once again the ground shakes. I get up and regain my balance and the giant ball of muscle charges at me. Then I see the charging ball of muscle is an actual man. I was too shocked to step away and I am blown down by the giant. It felt like being hit by a carriage, twice. I move my arms and legs to make sure they are not broken. Luckily, they weren't so I try to stand up. My ribs hurt a bit but they weren't broken either. I draw my weapon and charge the giant. He swings at me but I duck down and try to trip him. As I swing my leg and hit him I'm pretty sure it hurt me more then it hurt him. He remains standing and I'm pretty sure I just broke my toe, so much for not breaking anything. I try to limp away but he elbows me down. I'm sure any second he would body slam on top of me and crush all my bones. Instead, he asks if he can join us. Still hurt and on the ground, I agree and he helps me up. He tells me his name is Jumbo Bob. We fight off the rest until the Casa de Muertos retreat. Hobo agrees to let Jumbo Bob join the crew.

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