This is a small company founded by Jumbee Master and Ziggy Cardon. We sell magic, voodoo, paranormal, exotic and supernatural items.

The Company

The Company was founded on 19 November by Jumbee Master & Ziggy Cardon just 2 weeks after Ziggy started his first Company. The idea of this company also came a few days later. The company cooperates with lots of Gypsies and voodoo masters and odd peoples and tribes from all around the world

Name Title
Jumbee Master Founder/ Manager
Ziggy Cardon Founder/ Co. Manager
Jonas Gibson Head Of Research


Tribe Stuff

New Guinee Shrunken Heads

Shrunken-heads 2

Shrunken heads

It's Fashion, It's made of real human

Bora Bora Shrunken Heads

Jack Sparrow - I knew i tribe ones in Bora Bora, Wouldn't come up to your knees. They can bite

A tribe from the pacific of really small people. They collect a lot of heads
Ziggy's Necklace

Ziggy's Bone Necklace

of visitors.

Bone Necklace

This is made after bone necklace that Ziggy got after his American Adventure, It's made out of the bones of Bison, Yak and the skull of a deer. And now the replica's are available for purch

Chief Crown


Chief Crown

Jack Sparrow Toe Necklace by TheSkinwalker

Toe Necklace

It's an crown we traded from the Pelegostos and now are producing a lot of them. The crown is made of a skull, a foot, chicken foot, snake body, paradise bird feathers, straw, animal spinal, ...

Toe Necklace

It's a necklace we also traded from the Pelegostos and still do, we don't make it self. It's a necklace made out of the toes of humans.

Idols & Statues


A big stone sculpture from Easter Island

Golden Atzec Idol

It's a golden idol from an Indian Tribe in the Mid-America's

Christal Skull

Does this skull have mystical powers?
  • Moai
  • Golden Idol
  • Crystal Skull
  • Aztec Gold

Atzec Gold

It's one of the 882 identical pieces found in the treasure of Cortés. And now just cool Bling-Bling

Briks of the Golden City

Made out of solid gold

Mask Of Invincibility

Put on this mask and you'll be invincible


Sword Of Excalibur

The magic
  • Silver Pistol
  • Sword Of Excalibur
sword of King Arthur

The Golden Sword

A sword made of solid gold, holds special abilities. It makes you invincible

Silver Pistol

Good for hunting Vampires

Mermaid Weed

A weapon used by Mermaids

Ziggy's Collection Of The Flying Dutchman

A set of swords used by the crew of Davy Jones




Belgian Cryptic Creatures.
  • Smurfs
  • Dodo
  • Undead Monkey
  • Green Iguana
  • Albino Snake
  • Albino Aligator
  • Platypus


An extinct bird specie

Undead Monkey

In doubt, shoot the monkey


Albino Snake

Albino Aligator



Book Of Knowlegde

How To Make A Zombie

Voodoo For Dummies

Old Sea Legends

World Atlas: With maps to legendary Places

Kun Mao Map

Map To Atlantis

Cryptozoölogy Book

Drawings of Mystic Items


Leprechaun Sweat

Mermaids Tear

Hear of a Siren

Kraken Eyes

Zombie Finger




Frog poison

Chupacabra blood

Lord Of The Ring

Phoenix Feather

Phoenix Tear

Alien Mummy

A Ghost In A Bottle

Demon Releaser

Vampire Kit

Werewolf Kit

Hear Of Bigfoot

Hobbit Toe Nails

Demon Mummy

Megolodon Tooth

Chupacabra Body

Fairy Wings

Fairy Dust

Your Own Monk Skeleton


Pieces Astroids

Jar Of Dirt

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