The Jolly Roger Command Center is a place run by members of The Dark. It is a location to manage all whereabouts and movements of The Thrall. In case he ever goes out of line the is a hologram constantly tracking Jolly's locations. A member of The Dark merely has say a command and a signal will emanate from Jolly Roger's belt, killing him. It was made after Darknesse summoned Jolly Roger to do It's bidding. After sometime The Thrall grew tired of following orders and revolted. A civil war broke loose but Edgar Wildrat, host of Darknesse, destroyed Jolly. It was then, on top of Kingshead as Jolly Roger lay weak, battered and destroyed that Darknesse showed him pity. The Darke gave his Thrall another chance.


The Jolly Roger Command Center is located within Jolly Roger's skull, the members of The Command Center and the Command Center itself operates from within, the most secure location.

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