The Rat King


Jojosamu Ottosamu


Lalafell (Dunesfolk)




Black Mage; Red Mage; Dark Knight; Arcanist; Weaver; Culinarian







     Jojosamu Ottosamu was a male Lalafell of Dunesfolk ethnicity, hailing from the prosperous Sultanate of Ul'dah. Born into a peasant family within the citystate, as a child he was offered to the Fae-folk of the Central Shroud by his parents in exchange for the wealth required to pay off their enormous debts to the Monetarists of the Syndicate. At the cost of his mortal soul and the memory of his first five years of life, he was permitted to escape and begin anew as a Fae-touched individual, eventually making his way back to his heartland in Ul'dah. Subsisting as a talented culinarian and weaver for many years, he came under the ward of the Order of Nald'thal as a teenger, first as an administrative clerk before accruing the gil necessary to join the Order as a full member.

Embracing both aspects of the Order's underworld patron god and honing his innate abilities as a member of the Fae-touched, he adopted the life of a traveling merchant and adjunct adherent of the Order, rising through its ranks quickly as a result of his affinities for destructive thaumaturgy and illusory Fae glamour magicks. Under Master Cocobuki and Sister Lalai, he was appointed as a scholar of the Order's committee on black magic, charged with studying its applications and unearthing its ancient relics across the Source. His adventures brought him into communion with the sorceress Luna Suparna, with whom he forged an uneasy alliance to destroy an existential threat.

Soft-spoken, shrewd, and of short stature even for a Lalafell, Jojosamu (usually simply called Jojo or Otto) made a name for himself as a powerful magus and canny peddler, using his aptitude for the weaving and culinary arts, as well as his wily business sense, to fund his expensive ventures in search of lost knowledge deep within the Eorzean interior and the Far East. 




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