Johnny is guildmaster of the semi-famous guild, Rogue Thieves. Johnny's guild has a strong rivalry with the guild the P E A C E Keepers. He can be found on all islands (but mostly Raven's Cove) on the server Antama. His shooting lvl is 26. Johnny had mastered his sword lvl in early April 2010. His dagger lvl is 30. Johnny's fishing lvl is maxed out. In the first week of October 2010 Johnny mastered his potions lvl. Johnny's sailing lvl is 29. His grenade lvl is 23. Johnny's staff lvl is 17 .His doll lvl is 30. Johnny Goldcoine has survived over 90 invasions and 2 Muertos Moon curses. His guild was formed in July 2010. The Rogue Thieves are known widely on Tortuga on Antama. Though small in numbers, the Rogue Thieves help each other and work hard to help any pirate they can. The Rogue Thieves have 100 people in the guild as of October 2010. Johnny is the proud owner of the Darkfire Cutlass and Seafang Blade. Johnny and his guild mates work hard for him to finish the Raven's Cove Story Quest. Johnny wants to complete the quest to defeat El Patron and get the Bitter End. Johnny sees the Bitter End as the only "cursed element sword' he doesn't have, however he wants the Lost Sword Of El Patron more than Bitter End. He feels like he will have everything in POTCO he wants once he has Bitter End and the Lost Sword Of El Patron.

Pirate stats


Sword - Mastered

Shooting - 26

Dagger - 30

Doll - 30

Grenades - 11

Staff -11

Potions - mastered

Fishing - mastered

Sailing -29

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