Johnny began his Adventure in the Fall of 2007. After Disney shutting down VMK(Virtual Magic Kingdom) he was eager to find a new game to play when he came across Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online! He Started out by downloading the Launcher and creating his Pirate. He Chose his Body Shape, modified his Character and Chose his Clothes. Thats were Johnny's Adventure as a pirate begun! Johnny continued throught the tutorial, little knowing that he would come this far! Johnny began his adventure doing many Quest such as, the Black Pearl Quest, Weapon Quest and many Fortune Quests! Johnny was leveling up so fast, within a week he was level 20. After that Johnny still did quest, alothough his main focus was defeating enemies and leveling up his Weapons! Johnny continued doing this until he Finally mastered his Pirate at Level 40 and had Maxed all his Weapons at level 25 except Cannon and Grenade. After that Johnny could not play for about a week and Alot Could happen in a week and alot did. Within that week Johnny had heard that they raised the level caps! They had raised the Overall Noriety to 50 and all weapons to 30! Johnny was eager to begin playing again and sure enough, after that week he did! He maxed most of his prevoiusly maxed weapons with eased, although it took him a while to Master His Noriety again at the new Level Cap, Level 50! Soon after they have raised the Level Caps, Disney had Added a new great feature, Looting! Johnny Bagan looting at Dark Hart Daily until he had Finally gotten the Legendary Lost Sword of El Patron! Before Johnny had Mastered his Level Cap, he joined the Guild Spania, which he is still currently a part of at this day and time! When he joined Spania the Whole game had Changed for him! He began making many friends, Helping out other guild mates and Could finally get a crew with ease! With the help of his Guild he has now mastered all of Weapons, Potions, and fishing, and has reached the Current level Cap, Level 50 and Has Gotten the 3 of Legendary Silver Freeze at Foulberto Smasho! Now we Have caught up with modern day where Johnny Currently loots, ranks and makes new friends Daily!

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