Jimlavania is the country owned by Jim Bloodsilver. He got sad because no one would let him be an heir to anything, so he made his own country.

Supreme Overlord of DOOM!- Jim Bloodsilver

The Only Senator- Edgar Wildrat

Everyone else- Peasants

Total Pop -4 -5 (We've been having some problems... yeah...) -6(Now that we have Edgar...) 3.5 Trillion

Ok, our population... Um... Lets say that I never learned to count above 43,124,659,976,093... And I wasnt even half done... OK! OK! The population is 3. Me, myself and I. HAPPY!?

Location- WAY WAY WAY out there.


If Edgar Wildrat doesn't become heir to the throne of England, Jim is going to chase him out of Jimlavania. If Edgar isnt in Jimlavania, Jim is going to kidnap him, bring him to Jimlavania, then chase him out.

Jimlavania is suffering from SEVERE population loss... Growth...

Jim Bloodsilver had to fight off a hungry pack of Grizzly Sharks to conquer the territory.

To become a citizen of Jimlavania, you must go on Abassa and yell "GRIZZLY SHARKS FOREVER!!!" while dancing in front of a line dance of EITC members including Cutler Beckett and Captain Leon. Or you could just ask. And Jim will probably say no.

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