I believe that every person has a right to do what they wish (as long as it is within the bounds of moral or legal laws). And i don't believe that roleplaying itself is a bad thing. What is a bad thing is when other people begin to get annoyed or even angry with people who flaunt there ideas so openly. Lets face it. No one here, and I mean NO ONE, signed up for this game so they could be King of Spain or Czar of Russia, etc. etc. You signed up to play a game about pirates. Now, this little roleplaying game is everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE. How can you tell? Well, when a level 11 noob asks if I want to join a guild and be Co., I know its everywhere.(Yes. That really happened.) When I was level 11, I only had vague inkings of even what or who Captain Leon was. It seems that every guild now days is about "Protecting the Motherland" or "Ending the Tyranny of the Co." Ya know what I say? Bleh. I don't care, others don't care, nobody really cares except for those who "Say" they are in power. Why the quotation marks? Its very simple. Because, right now, I could say I am the King of England. Now, of course, Mr. John Breasly wouldn't take to that idea to kindly. he would call me a fruad, or a liar, or something else. Then we would have people saying that John was King or I was King, or neither of us was King, and so on and so on. And that's all it is. Little arguments and "Wars" going on for "Territory". But in the end what do you have? Nothing really. Just a lot of people saying something, but you dont have any hard proof. I can say I am Level 46, and show you a picture, from the game, showing that I am Level 46. I can not show you on my player card where it says "King of England". And for that matter, neither can Mr. Breasly, or anyone else. As for your "Wars" and your "Territory", technically, you dont own that, Disney does. They can show you piles and piles of paperwork and copyrights on numerous things in game. What do Roleplayers have? Just a bunch of followers chanting, "Hail Breasly, King of England!". No, Im sorry, you're not. If they left you, you would have nothing to be King of England, save yourself. If everyone left POTCO, Disney would still have their records and information, showing what THEY own. So, in closing, I would like to sum up what I have said in the above. Roleplayers are playing chess with people. When all the people leave, they have no pieces left. I, and others, play chess with my Levels and my skills. Disney plays chess with paperwork. That cant leave. People can.

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