Who is he?

In general, Jerrymih is the legendary and fearless captain who was the first to conquer the Caribbean.

Name: Jerrymih
Job: Conquerer, now a zombie.
Ships used: The Sleeper Awakened
Weapons: Behemoth Blade

The New World

When the Caribbean was discovered by Christopher Colombus, Jerrymih had been there for over 10 years. He beat Colombus to it, but he was brutally murdered while exploring the island of Raven's Cove (hasn't gone under yet). He was sleeping in a smaller cove on the bottom hill, and Colombus has bayed one of Jerrymih's crew members to kill him in his sleep, so he did. This crew member immediately died, for while on Jerrymih's ship, he swore an oath and that oath-bound all of Jerrymih's crew to Jerrymih. So all of the crew lay there dead, and Colombus took credit for conquering the Caribbean.

After Death

Tia Dalma, knowing the truth about Jerrymih, made one of the most complicated potions ever known, and brought him back to life. But a cursed life he had to live. He couldn't eat, no matter how hungry he was. He couldn't sleep, no matter how tired he was. Worst of all, he couldn't die, no matter how much he wanted to. Over time, the curse drove him mad, and he turned from the noble, kind gentleman he once been, into a vile and vicious zombie. He took his crew, who were still bound to him to El Patron's Mine, but there he was a threat to El Patron himself, and one night, they trapped him at the entrance to an unexplored cave, and he had no choice but to go with his crew into this uncharted cave. There he still resides, trapped inside, waiting for someone, or something to come, so he could kill.


He currently resides in the throne hall of the formerly uncharted cave. The cave turned out to have all sorts of recourses, and so, with the help of his crew, it was turned into an underground palace of stone and other minerals. The throne room is the most sacred spot of the cave, only Jerrymih and his most loyal and trusted first mate can enter. The throne room has a door similar to El Patron's, but it's made of skulls, bones, and stones. This door is enchanted that for people who are not allowed inside to not be able to go through, and for people who are allowed to just walk through this solid object, without even feeling a thing.

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