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|'''Birth Name:'''
|'''Birth Name:'''
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*Caliph Of Baghdad
*Caliph Of Baghdad
*Commander Of the Faithful
*Commander Of the Faithful
*[[Republic Of Hungary|Emperor Of Hungaryn]]
*[[Republic Of Hungary|Emperor Of Hungary]]
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[[Category:Out-Dated Articles]]
[[Category:World Role-Play]]

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Birth Name: Jeremiah Luigi Antonio Montone Sebastian Hernandez Stormwash
Place Of Birth: Castle Of Eger
Date Of Birth: March 27, 1574
Hometown: Gyula, Hungary
Aristocratic Roles:
Reign: 1603-1664
Family: Father: Archduke George Montone Porthos Louis William Leon Stormwash Mother: Archduchess Ildiko Montone Porthos Louis William Leon Stormwash Brother: Viscount Michael Luigi Antonio Montone Sebastian Hernandez Stormwash
Owner And Founder Of:
Edits Made: 0
Created By: Cooltext560475418
Favorite Color:
Favorite Song: Greensleeves - The King's Singers
Home: Castle Of Eger
YouTube Channel My YouTube Channel
Site Jeremiah's Site
Item Statistics
Cannon Level 30
Sailing Level 29
Sword Level 30
Shooting Level 30
Doll Level 30
Dagger Level 30
Grenade Level 20
Staff Level 30
Potions Level 19
Fishing Level 20
Gold 200,000
Valuables 20/20
Odds and Ends 20/20
The Nine Rouges 9/9
Navy Decorations 14/14
Rudyard's Teeth 28/28
Rhineworth Rings 10/10
Treasured Chess Set 32/32
Tia Dalma's Menagerie 15/15
Fish 20/20
Legendary Fish 0/5
Guild: Sinkers United
Iron Lion War Galleon
Golden General Light Frigate
Sun Chariot War Frigate
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