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Minenauts, Acre, Aperture, Templars, Husavík, The Brotherhood of the Golden Pants, Windforth, Savica


Captain Naughty, Gerstein Jarlsskald, Octavius


Captain_Naughty is the name of Jeremiah Garland's Minecraft avatar.

Perhaps Garland, in his Minecraft career that began in July 2012, is most notable for his long tenure as a member of the Templars, even leading the group as Grand Master following the disappearance of Josefurnace. He began his career in the Minenauts, a secretive group led by Cad Bane, before making his way to Olexcraft, where he worked as a hired bounty hunter and mercenary. First, he found work for Furnace's research organisation Aperture, before being inaugurated into the Templar brotherhood.

After a brief break in the action, Garland soon came to the land known as Reyescraft, where he took on a viking persona, Gerstein Jarlsskald. During this time he also founded the city of Husavík, which, at its height, was a bustling kingdom-state controlling the largest portion of land in Reyescraft. However, after succumbing to numerous raids from rival clans, Husavík was ultimately abandoned and Garland returned to the Templars.

He is a renowned archer, noted for his long-range shots and proficiency with a bow. He has also shown promise with a blade, and his hobbies include potion brewing, mining, and horticulture.

Server Appearances


Garland's first server he joined was known as Draftcraft, owned and operated by Sharple (Mega2098). Here, he received basic training and instructions from his friends Andrew Mallace (Dirty_Mallace) and Caddius Bane (Agent__M). Bane and Garland sailed off together before coming across a large, barren island. Bane noted the island for its strategic position, so the two decided to build a base deep within the isle's complex cave system. Seeing as the island was rich with valuable ores (they even stumbled upon a mine shaft), the two decided to form a faction, and called themselves "The Minenauts". The two-man faction, though small, nevertheless soon grew to become one of the most powerful in Draftcraft. They soon met and befriended a fellow faction, the Crusaders, which was made up of David McMartin (AwesomeA321), G-man (DAVESDAVY), and Haras (Rocket_93). The two factions established a profitable trade business, with the Crusaders supplying the Minenauts with wood and other resources in exchange for the Minenaut's diamonds, gold, and iron. Through his extent as a Minenauts, Garland learned about the game and established a knack for hard work and perseverance from his mentor and companion, Cad Bane.

After roughly a month, however, tragedy struck when Bane suddenly disappeared. Garland attempted to carry on the Minenauts alone, but found it was not the same without Bane by his side. Shortly after the Minenauts disbanded, Draftcraft was shut down for good.



Shortly after Draftcraft's termination, Garland then joined Sharple's next server, Olexcraft. Saddened by the loss of his dear friend Caddius Bane, Garland, hesitant to join any factions, began a short career as a freelance mercenary, offering his fighting talents to the highest bidder. First, he was hired by a faction owned by his old friends from Crusaders McMartin and Haras, simply called "Rock and Dirt", who held their capital in a bustling port known as New Elgin. However, after Garland was assigned governorship over one of Rock and Dirt's island colonies, he left the faction, trying to avoid the political life of the server. Through Haras he soon learned of a secretive scientific research corporation that operated out of New Elgin known as Aperture, owned by the elusive Josefurnace. Furnace, seeking rapid expansion for Aperture in the kingdom of Angmar, hired Garland to carry out the company's dirty work, such as assassinating corporate rivals and rigging local elections. Garland's first target was Furnace's treacherous associate-turned-rival, a business magnate known as Wizard (Skull321). Garland hunted Wizard down to his island-tower base, in which he filled the turncoat with arrows and slayed his personal bodyguard, ShadowKnight, by knocking him out of the tower after a brief duel. Garland returned to Furnace with the head of Wizard, as well as all of the valuable materials he had pilfered during his betrayal. Garland was handsomely rewarded with a promotion to a company officer.

Following a short break in the action, Garland met up with his old comrade, Haras. The two decided one day to found a town together and govern it as their own (due to tensions erupting in New Elgin). The two set sail and, after finding a sizable island just north of New Elgin, founded the city of Acre with Haras as its mayor. Over the following days, Acre flourished, even matching New Elgin in size and population. However, it wasn't long before Garland was contacted by Furnace, who gave him his next assignment: throw Haras out of power and absorb Acre into the Aperture sphere of influence. Initially, Garland was hesitant to betray his friend, but he knew what he had to do. Garland began a revolt in Acre, in an attempt to remove Haras from office and seize the city for himself. Less than a week after its founding, Acre erupted into the Acrean Civil War, in which factions formed for those who supported Garland, and those who supported Haras. Haras garnered the support of Rock and Dirt (still led by McMartin), whilst Garland obviously was backed by Furnace's Aperture. This created a political rift in New Elgin, and it wasn't long before fighting broke out there as well. After another week of fighting, Garland and his forces were ultimately able to seize control of Acre and held Haras in custody. However, Aperture had been overwhelmed by McMartin's forces in New Elgin and lost the fight there. On McMartin's terms, Haras was to be set free and the township of Acre was to be abandoned. Aperture was heavily condemned and denounced for its aggressive acts of war, and out of fear for his life, Furnace briefly relocated Aperture's operations to the icy shores far to the north of Angmar. However, after this base was raided and burned by a new rivalling faction, NCR, led by DAVESDAVY and John Breasly (dcomando15), Aperture was ultimately dissolved.

The Templars

After relocating back to New Elgin, Garland soon learned the truth behind Aperture; Furnace informed him that Aperture had simply been a front for the Templars, a secret brotherhood dedicated to instilling their universal ideology. Furnace, then the Templars' Grand Master, inaugurated Garland as a brother of the order after the latter swore an oath of loyalty and service. Executing their plan to subjugate the Kingdom of Angmar, Garland and Furnace first founded the city of Minascus, just east of New Elgin. Minascus, which would serve as the capital of the new Templar kingdom, sat at the base of Mount Doom, upon which Furnace built his infernal tower. Nearby, Garland constructed a tower of his own, as means to keep a deadly watch on Minascus and all surrounding regions. During this time he would reside at the top of the tower, and if ever a threat arose in the kingdom he would be the first to know, and would often dispatch the threat through the use of his bow, sometimes hitting his target from hundreds of blocks away. For this Garland earned the nickname the "Eye of Angmar". Gradually, as Minascus grew and more fell to the Templars' wrath, Furnace's influence in the kingdom increased until finally, less than a month into the operation, he declared himself King of Angmar. Garland, of course, continued to serve as his right-hand-man and executioner, quickly and quietly taking out all those who opposed Furnace's claim.

So great was Furnace's influence that, shortly after his claim to the throne, he pressured McMartin, the mayor of the dwindling New Elgin, to cede his city to the prosperous, ever-growing Minascus. Ultimately Minascus absorbed New Elgin, at once becoming the largest city in all of Olexcraft. With this, Rock and Dirt's power ultimately disappeared and what was left of the faction was under the control of their political rivals, the Templars. Under constant pressure from Furnace, as well as the arrow of Garland's always-looming bow, the remaining members of Rock and Dirt finally abandoned the faction in a bloodless fall of one of Olexcraft's greatest societies. In the days that followed, the former members of Rock and Dirt took the oath to become blood members of the Templars. Haras was the first to join, followed by McMartin, and finally Squirto (Squirto 19), a high-ranking official of New Elgin.

Following the arrival of Dirty_Mallace and Parax (BaronVonShush) to Olexcraft, and their subsequent inaugurations into the Templars, the faction reached its zenith, with an empire stretching from the Mycelian mountains to the Caledonian swamps. The Kingdom of Angmar, by now a massive military power, also succeeded in crippling the NCR, their greatest rival faction. NCR, a paramilitary group known for their stealth-like hit-and-run tactics, had conducted multiple raids in the unsettled foothills on the edge of Angmar territory. However, Templar forces, under the control of Garland and Baron Von Shush (who had proven to be a talented leader and fighter) succeeded in subjugating any NCR threats, and pushing the faction out of danger's reach. The Templars also opened relations with another faction, Caribbean Republic, under the control of its founder Albert Spark (AlReyesSpark). Garland served as the Templar ambassador to the Caribbean Republic, and established an office in the faction's capital, Frozen LA. The Caribbean Republic, primarily an economic powerhouse, established healthy and beneficial trade relations with the Templars and the two factions prospered together.

With NCR finally defeated, the Templars had reached their height, dominating most of Olexcraft politically, economically, and militarily. However, as all good things must come to an end, so did this Templar golden age; bad news soon hit that Olexcraft would eventually shut down. When it finally did, the Templars were by far the most powerful faction on the server. Each of the individual members went their separate ways in the Great Templar Diaspora.


Following Olexcraft's shut down, much of the Templars focused their attention on Sullycraft, a factions server a few members had stumbled upon. Baron Von Shush led a Templar cell their, and attempted to once more establish dominance of the server. Several wars were waged with Sullycraft's countless other factions; chief among them was "White Knights", the largest faction on the server, personally led by Sullycraft's administrators. Garland happened to enter Sullycraft and join Baron's Templar faction on the eve of the Templar's planned invasion of the White Knights' base. He helped in the preparations of the invasion, gathered supplies, and engaged in a heated bow duel with two White Knight scouts in the swamps outside of the Templar base. After a long skirmish, Garland managed to kill one of the scouts before Templar reinforcements arrived and took out the other.

On the night of the invasion, Garland, along with the other Templars endured the long trek to the White Knights base. Taking the White Knights by surprise, the Templars stormed the fortress, tearing down their walls with TNT and looting as they went. Though the White Knights outnumbered the measly Templar force (which composed of Garland, Baron, McMartin, Haras, and Furnace), the Templars soon found themselves in control of the vast citadel-city. Garland, at the first chance he got, ascended the tallest tower in the city and, after defeating a White Knight swordsman in a duel, began raining arrows down on the helpless White Knight victims. He even took down an administrator of the server, a White Knight officer, and after the battle, received that admin's prized enchanted diamond sword. In less than an hour the entire city was taken, looted, torched, and its inhabitants annihilated. Following the battle, the administrators were so frustrated by this huge loss that they banned all members of the Templar faction from the server. Thus, the hopes of resurrecting a Templar golden age on Sullycraft were wiped.


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