Resignation Note

I, Jeffrey Blasthawk, hereby resign from pirate work. I am retiring. However, I will resume supporting piracy. I will continue to be in the governments I have enlisted in. I want to make it clear, I AM RETIRING FROM BATTLES, AND WARS. This does NOT mean I am quitting the game. This also does not mean that I won't continue being involved in wars and battles, I just wont be fighting with guns, sword and etc. Maybe one day duty will call again for Jeffrey Andrew Blasthawk, and I will come out of retirement, but it is highly unlikely. I would like to thank all my friends who have helped me in these wars and battles. My family has also been supportive. Special thanks to my best friend, Davy Plunderflint. He has been there for me for a very long time, a few years, and I thank him for that. He is more than just my former GM. My brother, Billy Lockcutter, has also been there for me. I have probably been through more battles and wars with him than anyone else. Francis Bluehawk, my old gm, and good friend has supported me, and led many battles for theBrigade, which I was in alot, and has encouraged me to push myself to the limit. He was a great GM and it is sad to see him go. My sister, who decides to be anyonomous, is a saint, and she is a very nice person. And one more person, John Breasly. As for the short time that I have known him, I still believe he is a good man, and he is someone to look up to. When he first joined this wiki, I thought he was annoying, but I was wrong, he is a cool dude. Ned Sharksilver. You are my 'brother'. We did have our disputes, and we broke our friendship a few weeks ago, but aside from that, you have been there for me. "For Mandalore!" Captain Johnny. Your a PVP master. When I first met you, we we're enemies, but we decided to work together, and stop the EITC as a team. Black Inferno. I've known this person for a long time. Right now he is on hiatus from the game, and I haven't seen him for months. He has taken several hiatus's from the game. We have known eachother for 2 years, I think. If I am forgetting someone important, I'm sorry.

Anyway, this probably technically isn't a 'resignation', but whatever.. retirement, I dunnno, who cares. The King of Random says goodbye, but not forever my friends.

~Jeffrey Andrew Blasthawk.


My fortunes will go to my brother, Billy Lockcutter.

My shack will go to Davy Plunderflint

My Weapons will go to Captain Johnny

I will be buried in Royale Cemetery.

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