Javy doing his thing

Javy was a chicken proudly born and raised by Dirty_Mallace and Captain_Naughty. He lived a happy, sometimes whimsical life on Olexcraft before he was ruthlessly butchered by Baron_Von_Shush.



Javy's exact date of birth is unknown, although it was sometime between July and December of 2013, so sometime then. Dirty_Mallace and Captain_Naughty were living in Naughty's guard tower overlooking the city of New Elgin when they realised something: they didn't have a pet chicken. So, they went downstairs to the well-lit basement, found some eggs, and went to work. The first egg they hatched, however, bred them what seemed to be the most perfect chicken they've ever seen. They decided to name him Javy.


Javy as a baby

Early Years

Javy grew quickly over time, and soon he wasn't a little chick. He'd go with Mall and Jerry on all their adventures, and once they even thought he ran away when really he was hanging out near Baron's house. Javy loved to run around with Mall and Jerry.


One day, despite being warned not to go near Baron's house again, Javy strayed too far from Jerry's tower and found himself on Baron property. The cold-blooded Baron, mistaking Javy for one of his own chickens, killed him that day with an enchanted sword. Jerry and Mall were distraught, and despite any attempts to make another chicken, they soon found that none were quite the same as Javy :(


Javy's name lives on in several forms, including dishes named after him at the Mallace Pallace. Likewise, Mallace Airlines was renamed Javy Airlines to commemorate his favourite chicken. Javy Airlines works today to help educate children on different cultures.

It was through Javy's sacrifice that prompted the boyz from the BNO to found the BNO Birds Nesting Relief Fund.

Peter Pals

2015-07-20 00.45.26

is that Javy on the table????

After leaked photos were revealed showing the new Peter Pals, rumours started to circulate that a chicken appearing in one of the photos was meant to play the role of Javy! This has not been confirmed nor denied.

The Ballad of Javy

The Ballad of Javy is a possible work in progress highlighting the life story and many achievements of the one they call Javy. When it is written, it will also be adapted into a motion picture for the big screen.

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