Crimes he did.

  • Treason.
  • Lying to the King.
  • Double spy
  • Making a secret army
  • Arson


It appears Jason is part of a mafia. The question of this mafia is how? where? when? How he joined was when Nick Flambrege (his uncle the don) asked and he said yes. Where it was King's Arm right after they killed a pirate lord. When it was 1734, Jason was a Major in the EITC. He also had many friends that secretly did his "take outs" for him because Jason was given and to this day leader of an unknown mafia called the "Lions" which is a VERY VERY deadly group that kills anyone who double crosses. Jason is now inactive but if you would like I'll give him a message.


I'm just a friend with many names and many things. No, I'm not jason. I knew the guy all to well. Message me for more info about me or him. Thank you.

Part two coming soon.

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