The Beggining

It all started when James was asked by Slappy to join his guild. James refused, and Slappy said that if he didn't, he would die, just like everyone else who wouldn't join. Then, Slappy and Gerard challenged James to PVP, so James brought along his friend Captain Silver.


James and Silver completley demolished the Death Eaters, and Slappy hated James ever since. Even though Gerard is James's friend, Slappy vows revenge on James.

Slappy's side of the story

First, we just wanted James to join. Then, James got all mad and challenged us to PVP. James showed up with a lvl 40 pirate (hold on, Slappy is level 38 and Gerard is lvl 24) is that a fair fight? NO! Ever since Slappy and the Death Eaters a vowed revenge on James.