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Jaguar Savvy Promotional Video 1

Jaguar Savvy Promotional Video 1


Jaguar Savvy was founded by Jaguar, he envisioned a guild of peace, respect, and friendship. Jaguar Savvy believes in helping anyone, when help is needed. We do not judge anyone, only judge ourselves. We allow anyone to join, no matter their level, what colour their name is, or if they have open chat or not.

We do not pick fights, and we do not sail under one flag. We are not a disclosed secretive guild and would love for you to join us!

Jaguar Savvy is a guild for all, though it is highly praised that if you have a level 50 pirate in the guild that you create a new pirate, so you can level with others.

We mainly aim to guild lower levels, so we can help them have a better experience in the game, such as helping them level. All higher levels are expected to help us do so, and help our lower level friends level and have a enjoyable experience.

You can see our adventures here!



Being a guild, we must have a code of conduct to make sure our members have a understanding of the guild.

1) No Spamming chat ( example: LALALLALALALLAALLALA )

2) Never ask to be a veteran or officer

3) All veteran nominations will require a guild vote

4) All officer nominations will require a guild vote & a officer vote

5) Never be rude towards guild members or outsiders of the guild

6) Do not bring drama to the guild

7) If someone asks for help, please help them.

Rules for Veterans

1) Always remind new members of the rules

2) Be especially nice to everyone

Rules for Officers

1) Always remind new members of the rules

2) Make sure everyone follows the rules

3) Be friendly towards everyone


Jaguar39544f Jaguar Savvy is in Jaguar Savvy!

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