During Jacques's time on the Endeavour, he forged a powerful Sabre with a blade that claimed 1,000 souls. He cursed the blade even more with three rubies that were used for the Sword of Triton. When he was being killed on his Frigate, he ended the pain by stabbing himself with the sword. His soul, and 1,000 other innocent spirits forever haunted this blade.

270px-Sabre C

Complete Skills

Attack Power: 110

Blanc Demise ~ Rank 5 - The blade possesses you and adds an additional 50 attack power for 30 seconds.

French Fury ~ Rank 5 - Adds 5 skill points to all attacks and passives for 25 seconds.

Foil Kick ~ Rank 5 - 500-750 damage to target.

Summon Help ~ Rank 6 - Summons four of the souls claimed by the blade to attack your enemies.

Drain Health ~ Rank 10 - Steals health when damaging the enemy.

Requires level 30 sword

Jaces le Blanc

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