Birth Of

Jackyl Rogers was born in a time before time. He was the father of Jolly Roger. Jackyl was born only three quarters human. The rest was from his Father, a Father of Chaos, in fact that was his name: Khaos. Sadly, Jackyl's village was attacked by the Wolves of Arqiel. When the wolves surrounded Jackyl he grew mad and Chaos itself surged through his body powering his muscles. At the end of the battle.... well you have to feel bad for him, Arqiel that is. The beating the wolves suffered killed some of them and injured them all. This outraged Arqiel and with a taste of revenge he appeared in front of Jackyl. "(untranslateable)....." Growled Arqiel in the lost Dialect of the Wolves. "Dare best my (untranslateable) I will curse you!" Arqiel raised his arms and growled an incantation. Jackyl screamed and fell to the ground, he was visibly and mentally changing. Turning into a cross between werewolf, demon, and several other no longer exisistant species, Jackyl slowly melted into the ground while he transformed into monster. Jackyl stayed underground until the year 150, the village above him had turned into a town, city then into the capital of a city, finally the piece of land he was on fell into the sea...............

suddenly the transformation stopped. Jackyl suddenly awoke. He felt anger.The World imprisoned me and it shall pay for what it has done.


"The World imprisoned me and it shall pay!"


Jackyl Rogers soon began to strike terror in the world. Eventually he ruled a land called Hel. Hel spread out a vast region of the globe, covering most of what would once be called England and The Caribbean. Jackyl proceeded to destroy all humanity by making them into his minions. Eventually humans stood up to his power and the war began, a war titled World War 0. After Jackyl was beaten an evil man took over Hel this man was named De Satushin Ville. When De Satushin Ville took over Hel he sunk it under the Earth and added an 'L' to the name. Jackyl continued to cause mayhem in the world on his last ship, The Jolly Roger. Although his militia was now smaller it was still the biggest and the baddest (3,000,000,000 men). Jackyl was growing old and he knew that even if he was immortal he would soon grew to weak to move so he decided to have a son to give all his knowlednge to. He got a son by moulding 500 of his best undead and poured blood into this man from alligators sadly he lost his son before he could transform him into a Reaper. (the combinational transformation that Jackyl had would make the first Reaper).

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