• Notoriety: 44
  • Cannon: 26
  • Sailing: 30
  • Sword: 30
  • Gun: 30
  • Doll: 17
  • Dagger: 24
  • Grenade: 9
  • Staff: 11
  • Potions: 13
  • Fishing: 20

Former/Current Guilds

  • Darkness EternalJoh
  • Beckett's Elites
  • Co. Black Guard
  • East India Officers
  • Elite Black Force (Treason Guild. Not guilty :D)
  • The Kings Marines ***Current Guild

Friends List

Add Yourself If I left you off and your on my list.

  • John Breasly
  • Stormwalker
  • Madster
  • Eric Machawk
  • Lord Jeremiah Garland
  • Johnny Goldtimbers
  • Amelia/Emily Mcsteel
  • Mike Mcnaily
  • Kadison
  • Johnny Coaleaston
  • Old Termed Samuel Redbeard
  • Ishamel (Waiting Deletion xD)

Weopons Belt

  • Privateers Cutlass (Famed)
  • Holy Pistol (Rare)
  • Something something
  • Something something

SvS Rank

  • Admiral

I'm just too awesome. And I have commen sense which only i've seen in Stormwalker, Madster, and of course, John Breasly. xD.

PvP Rank

  • Duelist

Hate PvP. HATE JUMPERS...unless i'm the jumper xD. Only with pistol I win. Without pistol...mesa complete failure.


  • The Victory Enchantress

Yes. It always wins at it's goals. Mental and Physical xD.


Porc1 Jack Goldwrecker is a Privateer of France!
55px This user has achieved the SvS Infamy rank of Admiral!
Watery Mast Jack Goldwrecker is a BEAST in SvS
French Icon Jack Goldwrecker is a True Frenchman at heart!
150px-4631447 This user is a German Hessian!


  • No human can control the things that happen. Even if it is free will...
  • No physical power can compare to the mental strength of someone
  • I don't smile, I go xD. xD
  • When you think you are right you are screwed. Unless you are me...
  • n has a plan set ahead for them no matter how hard it is to get through it
  • I'm having a bully day. Anyone having a bully day? Yes yes. Bully day! Bully Bully!
  • Thank god we live in this time...
  • Don't doubt your self! Never doubt yourself! You have the power to come up from whatever hell you are in, and make a difference in your's or someone else's life!
  • Wow. You almost made a point there.
  • (After being told something) Well, (Face turns blank) (Sarcasitcally) It's back to suicide for me - walks off and then turns - Dont worry about me i'm just going to sit in my office for the next 20 years staring my self to death -_-
  • xD
  • - randomly comes up to someone and punches him/her - HA! THATS NOT FUNNY! - walks away -
  • I don't believe in not hitting women. xD.
  • We are equal. We shall not commit murder on your or someone else's own body unless it is that damn cat . (Sorry for swearing)
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