I've heard a lot about some guy named Jack Dreadvane. The newest story I heard about this man is that he has fallen to darkness. The story says his hair is all black now and the mercy he showed before is gone. he's more like his curse Jack Darkvane. just a few days ago the King of England, John Breasly, was supposedly killed by Jack Dreadvane. However, he was seen alive, but wounded, later in the day. The man who fought for freedom and rights is gone. Now it is time to finish Jack Dreadvane. Bring his soul back to the way it once was.

Sightings of this man:

Devil's Anvil- where he assaulted the King of England

Driftwood Island- he was supposedly attending a wedding

Murky Hollow- no idea

"Find Jack Dreadvane and save him!" - Nate Badeagle

Current news:

Jack has taken control over his darkness. Although he has this evil inside him he acts like his normal self. Jack is no longer a threat and is back to trying to eliminate Lord Leon.

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