The Pack


The emblem

"A pirate never gives up. Not even when he has absolutley no chance of winning. He keeps fighting. SO LETS FIGHT!!!-Jack Wolfspain to the Pack.

After my two guilds, Titan Marines, and the Black Legion, were lost in their own ways, I've decided to create a guild more of brotherhood than of death. . Please apply in the comments if you want to join.


  • Main Base: Ratskeller Tavern (Padres Del Fuego)
  • Main Servers: Abassa/ Barano
  • Outpost 1: Kingshead Jail (Kingshead)
  • Outpost 2: Rum Celler (Rumrunner's Isle"
  • Main Island: Padres Del Fuego
  • Colors: Blue, Black, Grey,Brown, and Maroon
  • Afflication: Piracy
  • Year Started: 1750 (2011)
  • Country: All
  • Flagship: Silver Wolf
  • Must Be lvl 10+ to join
  • Guild Type: Pirate Guild
  • Nickname: The Pack

Current members

  • Jack Wolfspain Lvl 36 (GuildMaster/ High General/ Captain)
  • Chris Firewalker Lvl 32 (Officer/ General/ First Mate)
  • John Scarlet Lvl 30 (Officer/ Commander/ Bosun)
  • Kix Swordstack Lvl 25 (Veteran/ Sergeant/ Swordsman)
  • Natanial Planktimbers Lvl 29 (Officer/ Lueitenant/ Navigator)
  • Zak Urban Lvl 20 (Veteran/ Corpral/ Cannoneer)
  • Redeye Rob Lvl 21 (Veteran/ Corpral/ Cannoneer)
  • Mixerz Lvl 17 (Member/ Private/ Repairer)
  • Andrea Lvl 14 (Member/ Private/ Repairer)
  • Jimmy Kaboom Lvl 15 (Member/ Private/ Cannoneer)
  • Will Wareagle Lvl 39 (Veteran/ Sergeant/ Gunner )
  • Jeff Lvl 30 (Veteran /Corpral/ Head Repairer)
  • Havoc the Ox Lvl 50 (Officer/ General/ Quartermaster)


Thease are the ranks. Highest at top, lowest at bottem. More more info about the ranks, plz visit the ranking system page .

  • High General (Guildmaster)
  • General
  • Colonel
  • Commander
  • Liuetenant (Officer)
  • Sergeant
  • Corperal (Veteran)
  • Rookie

Main Armys in the Pack

  • Marines/Navy (Led by Chris Firewalker)
  • Mercenarys (Led by Havoc the Ox)
  • Patrol/ Guards (General soon to come)
  • Assult Team (Led by Jack Wolfspain)


  • Domino Squad (Marines)
  • Tango Company (Marines)
  • Blood Company (Mercenarys)
  • Torrent Company (Mercenarys)
  • Panther Patrol (Guards)
  • Cottonmouth Patrol (Guards)
  • Griffen Company (Assult)
  • Bravo Squad (Assult)


  • Repairer
  • Handyman (Head Repairer)
  • Canoneer
  • Gunner (Head Cannoneer)
  • Marksman
  • Sniper (Head Marksman)
  • Navigator
  • Swordsman
  • Captain (Guildmaster)
  • First Mate
  • Quartermaster
  • Bosun


Wolfpack flag


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