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This graveyard is located only on Isla Inferno. It is guarded by another Undead Reaper Boss, no page yet. It has been filled with graves with conquistadors, EITC soldiers, Royal Navy and other pirates that were once on the Isla Inferno. There are Ghosts like Titan and Undead Reapers that protect the graveyard. There is an old abandoned church that is rumored to contain an Undead Priest boss, but pirates haven't made it to that part of the island to know for sure. Pirates have also seen Undead Gravediggers there but almost the levels of 37. According to legend the Graveyard powers the Undead so it's a dangerous place to be, especially at midnight or the full moon. The Graveyard is enormous and looks like it covers about half the back part of Isla Inferno. It contains many graves and there was a battle here that caused Jolly Roger to curse Isla Inferno in the first place. Very Dangerous place. Don't Go Here Alone!

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