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Isla Inferno's Ghost Town

This ghost town is on Isla Inferno. It was an abondoned because the island was cursed by Jolly Roger. It had a name but then the locals left and now only Ghosts and Undead Reapers going all over the place making sure that pirates don't go into the mines, (page coming on that soon), where legendary weapons are told to be located. Also rumor is that there are Rage Ghosts because when the island was cursed the survivors died and became angry and then came back, because of Jolly Roger's Curse, as Rage Ghosts. So the ghost towns are very dangerous places to be at. But this ghost town is located at the center of the Island. And it is close to The Woods..., it was a beautiful place to be until the curse. Various creatures can be found here. If somebody was to ever enter the Mayor's residence, they would find Ecsyth and several Undead Reapers tormenting the a few survivors.

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Isla Inferno Template Isla Inferno's Ghost Town is a/an/the Main City on Isla Inferno!

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Ghost Town House

Ghost Town Buildings

Ghost Town Buildings

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Ghost Town, other Buildings

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