The Island is located in an undisclosed location in middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The reason no one knows the location except Basil is because, its his Island. Not even his gracious Majesty who lives and reigns forever - King Albert Marcus Spark Sabre I. He navigates there ALONE in a 1 man 58 ft war sloop. But,what I can show you is the island itself as in what it looks like, because only Basil can see it IN PERSON.

The Island!!

Rocky beach

Basil's secret Passage leads him here.


The North end - Basil walks here and tans on the Sand bar.


South End, Basil sleeps under the palm tree while tanning his skin.

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The West End, Basil mainly swims here and Kayaks in his long boat made of Romanian Oak.

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The East End - Basil cliff jumps here.


Basils collection of old rum, and aged wine (its the best)

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