Iron Skies Industries Pty Ltd.

Iron Sky Industries were founded in 1745 by Lieutenant General Richard Venables, Lord Andrew Mallace and Major General Richard Luther, along with Lieutenant Commander Ishmael Venables and Sargeant Nickolai Sharkhayes. They are a Private Industrial Company which produces arms and ammunition for the Gentlemen of the Democratic & Communist Parties armies.

Production lists

  • Rifled Muskets designed by Richard Venables,
  • Iron Musket Balls designed by Richard Luther
  • Type Two Sky Ships modified from the designs of Daggerpaine Industries
  • Marcus Cannonshot Frigates designed by Marc Cannonshot
  • Grapeshot launcher, Designed by the late William Ironshot, and Christopher Ironshot
  • Ironshot Sub-machine gun - Christopher Ironshot and Ishamel Venables
  • S.T.E.G. Submarine - Christopher Ironshot

    Steam Tank Type II

  • B-21 airship bomber - The late William Ironshot
  • Anti-airship gun - Christopher Ironshot
  • Bow Flamers - designed by Richard Venables and Christopher Ironshot
  • Steam Tank - Christopher Ironshot with Richard Venables
  • Doomsday Button - Charles Ironshot
  • Converted Undead - Richard Venables & Richard Luther

Shipbuilding Industry

122 gun First Rate - Not for public sale

106 First Rate - Not for public sale

99 gun Second Rate - Not for public sale

86 gun Third Rate - Not for public sale

66 gun Fourth Rate - Not for public sale

56 gun Frigate - Not for public sale

44 gun Frigate - 20000

36 gun Frigate - 10000

Galleon - 5000

Sloop - 1600

Brig - 2000

Longboats, Gunboats - 500

Rafts - 100

Monarchs may buy any type, except Spain and Portugal!

Weaponary Industry

Rifled Musket-100 per a gun

Iron Musket Balls - 50 per a 500 round container

Royal Army Edition double flintlocks - 1000

Rifled Cannons, Navy or Army, 2000

Ironshot Puckle guns - 750

Cutlass - 50

Rapier - 75

Broadsword - 100

Small sword ( Rapier and small dagger ) - 25

The chicken nuggets were removed due to health hazzards.. AND the closing of the BNO.


  • Founder-Lieutenant General Richard Venables
  • Co-Founder-Lord Andrew Mallace
  • Designer chief- Ishmael Venables
  • Head of Auto gun Design, Testing, and lab rat - Christopher Ironshot
  • Head of Security-Richard Luther
  • Head of Research- Christopher Ironshot
  • head of manufacturing- Richard Venables & Christopher Ironshot
  • Research Centre Guard-Nickolai Sharkhayes
  • Scientist- multiple openings
  • guards- multiple openings
  • secutaries and agents (dealing with relations and Deals)- Multiple Openings


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