Inferno Titan

Inferno Titan is a creation of light and darkness. He was a Undead Reaper then a gypsy he was going to kill cursed him and he turned into a horrible demon like Gorog. So he is another Demon Boss. He is feared by everybody because he can turn into anybody he wants to, like EITC member or Navy or a famous pirate. Nobody can trust him. He roams the oceans on the Diablo, ghost ship. He uses powerful voodoo to kill his enemies. He is a Lv 57 boss. Most powerful member of the Diablo. He doesn't use just one weapon he turns into other bosses like Remington or Darkhart but really tough and can turn into pirates with their abilites. He can be considered a ghost but dangerous. Even Syth fears him so he let Inferno to join.


Unlike most bosses he only drops gold but lots of it. Most seen was 400000 gold pieces.

Locations Seen...

Only on the ghost ship, Diablo. But he is the cargo defender below deck so he can't be found on the top of the ship.

Other Info

Myhefusa-1- (55x41) Inferno Titan is a(n)/the Cargo Defender of the SS Diablo!
Typhon-1- (37x55) Inferno Titan is a Demon!

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