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Imperial Cossack's Guild Flag

Romanov . God save the Tsar . Боже , Царя храни

Romanov . God save the Tsar . Боже , Царя храни .

The National Anthem


The Russian Government

The Russian Royal Family

The Russian Military

The Imperial Cossacks were founded May 24, 1728 ( 2011 ) It is the military of Russia and is lead by Czar Benjamin Macmorgan. It is a military based guild and is designed to be a elite army. The main military branch of the guild is the Cossacks. The Cossacks are a elite group of soldiers levels 25+ The guild currently has 10 members and is growing everyday, The goal of this guild is to have 500 people and to have at least 50-60 people online daily.

It is planned to have 6 main branches:

Royal Family: Rules over the parliament

Parliament: Enforces laws given by the Czar

Military: Protects the guild.

Judicial: Manages the citizens and makes sure everyone follows the guild code.

Royal Council: The Royal families own council to discuss things within the country. The Royal Council then creates laws and gives them to Parliament. Parliament then fixes the laws and drafts them ( no voting )

Education: Levels 10-20 must attend " Imperial Education " Imperial Education helps them level up quickly and learn about the guild and how it works. Imperial Education teaches them how to be good soldiers and how to serve your Guild.

Guild Rules:

The Czar will always be greeted as " Your majesty " or " Your sovereignty"


Never ask to be a officer or veteran

Never complain

Always be kind

Don't be rude to people outside the guild.

Always respect officers

The Officer Oath

I ____ promise to do my best whenever possible. I will not kick members, I will not argue, I will act as a bringer of Justice and not take favoritism. I will always contribute to the guild, I promise not to curse, lie, cheat or beg. I am a officer, and I will be me.

Russian Empire Imperio Ruso (**1721-1917)

Russian Empire Imperio Ruso (**1721-1917)

Flag and Anthem

Guild Code: MEYV33368

So please join!

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